The Keeper of the Be Still Symbol
The Keeper of the Be Still Symbol
The Keeper is the man who had the vision (September 2008) of this sign Small Be Still Symbol. He goes on to say that this is a spiritual symbol to be protected of its true meaning. It is a sign (with great significant meaning) that is to be delivered to mankind before a great disruption of world order sets in soon. There was more to the vision than just the sign. Included was the insight for its arrival.

He does not like to be called a prophet, theologian, philosopher, or preacher. Just a messenger of what is to be.

The Keepers cause is to deliver this symbol and its meaning.

Today, the keeper is a man of technology. His credentials go back 30 years in the field of telecommunications and high end computing. He states that the corporate markets are a negative force field. Unless the participants (world banks - selective groups, seekers of the fast buck) analyze their motives and realize that the universe does not run on something for nothing. Greed and corruption will be one of the great downfalls of mankind as we know it.

At this time he wishes to remain anonymous. He states that who he is or what he is, has no importance or significance. It's only the meaning of what the symbol represents that's relevant. Knowing that it is totally impossible to remain virtually anonymous, he states that he is preparing to take the on slot of naysayers, religious zealots, and God only knows who else who will undoubtedly attack the authority and true meaning of this sign. He will defend the message but not himself. His self defense will be silence. He has no affiliation with any persons or causes. He cannot be bought. He says that he is supposed to protect and defend (the message) with his life. And that's why he is The Keeper.

January 6, 2009
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