The Be Still Symbol: In-depth Meaning
Be Still Symbol: The Indepth Meaning
The symbol originates from the infinity sign . (Unbounded space, time, or quantity) Eternity. And God said "I am who I am" Exodus 3:14 - All that ever was and all that will ever be. The Alpha and The Omega. It may be noted that there is really no translation in Hebrew for the words " I Am". A more accurate statement would probably be "I will be what I will be" which is still an endless thought interjection.

In the beginning Gods consciousness creates motion, or time. The infinity sign rotates clockwise 7 times as the Universe manifests.

Ending end up with this. Inside each circle is placed another symbol. The plus sign in the top circle representing God conscious and all his glory. The minus sign in the bottom circle representing man's consciousness. Grounded to the Earth and self perceived as 3 dimensional in nature. It may be noted that in the beginning the plus and the minus sign existed in the top circle. Original sin was the culprit that separated man from god.

We now have this symbol. Increasing without bounds, decreasing without bounds. This is not only mathematically correct. It's perfect. In the fabric of time and space it would appear that these two poles are constants of all that we perceive as existence. Electricity, gravity, mathematics, good and evil, start - finish, on or off, etc. Many great philosophers have interjected to us that we are manifestations of God's consciousness. That we are really the same. All One. An Idea or thought of God. What separates us and makes man the sign is FREE WILL. The choice to chose whether we are connected to him or not. Our other choices are just details.

The meaning of this symbol deepens as it incorporates Wave Functions and the Unified Field. To understand this we must side track our thoughts to the world of Quantum Physics. So bear with this. It is not the intention here to confuse you. There is plenty of study in this field. Some of the greatest minds in history have addressed theories pertaining to this. It could be said that as science has evolved, its studies conclude that there is a lot more of a godly spiritual order to the universe than once perceived. Quantum Mechanics guarantees that the deeper or smaller you go the more dynamic (powerful) nature becomes. If we split something in half there is always a remainder. How far can we go? The Unified Field exists at the ultimate level of the Planck Scale. The emptiness of space. The matter or empty space unseen where an electron rotates around an atoms nucleus. You would be there if you could shrink to 10 to the minus 33 centimeters.

(.000000000000000000000000000000001 cm) = Planck
Time becomes 10 to the minus 43 seconds.
(.000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000001 Sec)

This is where reality as we see it ends. Time reversal can exist. Power beyond compression. An example might be: If you took the empty space or vacuum of a single hydrogen atom, the latent energy (10 to the 23 cubic centimeters) would equate using Einstein's e=mc2 (and assuming the Universe is flat) to a trillion times more energy than all the mass, all the stars, all of the planets out to 20 billion light years. Yes, you read that right. This is not science fiction. It is believed that this level (The Unified Field) is the fabric of all time and space. Einstein's Relativity says when this fabric curves up it forms mass and that's what matter is made up of. Quantum Mechanics suggests that the Unified Field is made up of waves. Waves of information, waves of potentials, waves of potential electrons, endless abstract potentiality. A universal ocean of all possibilities that does not exists or become reality until observed. An intangible world that manifests our reality. Consciousness creates these waves. Yes, thoughts can be measured. They exist as waves. The unified field is God's Consciousness, and you manifested from it.

Returning to the sign. Take the top circle with the + sign. Imagine inside that circle there's an ocean. Say that thought or consciousness is a pebble. If the pebble or consciousness is dropped in the center it would create waves. They would look like circles moving outbound endlessly. We represent that as the symbol man uses to display sound waves. We now have the top half. This is God. The Holy Spirit. This is where all good comes from. The waves that emits from here are all that is good. Truth, creation. love, compassion, joy, happiness, creative thinking, inspiration, and manifestations from God himself. Being that's what god is, nothing else can exist here.

You on the other hand, being the - symbol send your waves up. Our thoughts are in a constant state of motion. We live in a world where distractions are constant. The ego is always analyzing every outside factor that's being presented to it. As said before, we are the minus factor because God wove into this fabric free will. It's your choice whether to flow with him in the universe of good or separate yourself from him and live in an ocean of self will. Disconnected and alone. When you are disconnected from the source your waves clash with Gods waves. Your waves are negative. Fear, hate, resentments, greed, lust and so fourth. They cannot exist in Gods circle. It knows of no such negatives. Jumping back to where the symbol originated we had the infinity sign. An endless loop. Imagine a star moving around that figure eight. A uniting of you and God together. Like a slot car racing around it's track. It's in the positive circle then the negative circle. Completing an electrical circuit. A state of one as long as you have faith, belief, and thoughts of a positive nature, you are connected to god. Your consciousness breaks this circuit when your free will decides you are the center of the universe. Usually pride and ego are the culprits. The effects of this create and project negative waves to the universe, which cannot enter the top positive circle. You are in an endless loop around the minus circle. You are alone there. The universal laws of cause and effect go into motion. You are trapped in an ocean of all negative thoughts. You only see the out side world. You may still say you believe in God. You may even pray to him to have mercy. But they cannot leave the negative circle because they are selfish and do not conform to the nature of the universe. Everything is based on what you ego perceives. This is basically hell on earth. You have chosen your placement. It is not the punishment of God. He is just not there to protect you from the negative forces. Evil exists here. You are subject to all the negative forces that exist. And they do exist. In the sign you represent this.

Putting them together we now have this sign. God's Consciousness and Mans Consciousness. We form Gods manifestation or creation of man.

According to the visionary of this sign he says that that what he witnessed at this point was a star began following the course of the sign re-creating the figure eight or infinity symbol. Every time the star was in the position of contact with both circles a lighting bolt emitted from the plus sign and made connection with the minus sign. Sort of like a spark plug firing. It's interesting that when the Plus sign and the Minus sign connect it forms the Cross. Jesus said "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" John 14:6. For a good connection to occur we must have belief, faith, and pure thoughts (righteousness). There are levels of this. It's measured in the term meekness ("Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth" Matthew 5:5.) To stop all of our thoughts and let our subconscious soak in all gods conscious, or accept his waves and transmit none is to BE STILL. Surrendering to his will. This accelerates the movement of the Star. Like charging a battery. The faster the star travels around the Sign or symbol the brighter it becomes "let your light shine". It moved so fast for Jesus and Moses that they literally were Gods conscious. They could bend the Unified Field and manifest miracles. Heal people, change water to wine, part seas, etc. (inherit the earth) The sign or symbol is now complete. When you are connected to God it becomes this image. Let this image or sign be a reminder to you. "Be still, and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10
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