Fear, the Destroyer of Mankind - A Residual of the Negative side of the Universe
In the beginning God and Man existed in the same positive circle. It wasn't until the fall of man or original sin came to being that man was placed alone into the negative circle.

The first words spoken after eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was the awareness of fear. In reference to Genesis 3:9 - God said, " Where art thou?" Adam answered, "I heard Thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid..........." The fabric of the negative circle. Mans awareness of both good and evil now leaves him with a choice. You guessed it, free will is born. Good or Evil. Positive or Negative. They are both the same. We now have to choose.

Being that we were separated and now exist alone in the negative circle its only natural to assume that all negative forces (distractions) are at our beckoning. Evil now becomes a variable to our thinking. Without Faith in God, we can never leave the negative circle. It's the path of least resistance. Think about it, doing the next right thing is usually the hardest.

Every negative thought or action that takes place in our existence can be attributed to fear (the core of the negative circle). Fear of death, losing a loved one, losing my job, losing my possessions, losing my health, just not getting what I want. Fear of heights, spiders, dogs, sharks,,, look we could fill several pages with fears and phobias. The point is this. Are you familiar with the term "cause and effect"? Well, fear is the cause (where you live) and the effects are Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, Sloth, Desire, Self Being, War, and Addiction. We live smack in the middle of the negative circle.

The only way we can negate the forces of the negative circle is to consciously connect with God (the core of Free Will). Faith becomes the destroyer of Fear. However, since God and the Devil are both invisible in our 3 dimensional world this becomes a very narrow path. Do you really believe in God or Not? Case in Point. Can you stop your mind from the negative forces? When someone you love dies, or you're brutally attacked. How about you lose all your money and the creditors are calling you 20 times a day. Your house is about to be repossessed. You just found out that your spouse cheated on you. This could be another long list. The question is this. Will fear keep you from eating or sleeping? Will it control all aspects of your thinking? It's apparent that the majority of humanity loves living in chaos and self will. The path of least resistance. Remember this, we become what we think. Without believing or having faith there is not even a path to God. You're trapped in the negative circle forever. Your own hell right here in this 3 dimensional existence.

To connect to God you must Be Still. All thoughts of fears must be shelved. Your mind must go blank and let the spirit of God enter your being. (Can you do it?) Faith is the portal. This is Gods time to talk to you. This is where inspiration comes from. God's energy charging your battery. (I tell you this, by the laws of the universe FEAR cannot exist in Gods Circle) To Be Still is not prayer. It's Gods gift to you. It's his love raining on you. It is a secret place where any and all good manifests.

Unfortunately, this is next to impossible for most. Incredible numbers have drifted so far from God that they really don't believe he's even there. Negative forces distract us constantly keeping us blind from the truth. The path is so narrow that by comparison a razor blade might not fit through.

To conquer Fear you must seek enlightenment. Yes, you have to do the work. Seek and Knock on the doors. Learn what Jesus was taking about "the secret place". Learn for yourself. Don't just take the word of men who have distorted the true meaning of God. The bible is not the only means to find God. Much has been written by many great men and women throughout history. God has not just enlightened the theologians of our times. Although, they would like you to believe that. Shun any entity, organization, or persons that claim to save souls. The truth is really buried in your own thinking. The self expression and search for God is "the path" Being reborn is to learn the true wisdom of god and applying it to your life (not your neighbors). You will know good and evil without having to physically open your eyes. God's waiting for you to connect to him in this secret place. Learn to meditate.

Your prayers and visualizations are your waves going up. Now, Be Still and give him the grace to manifest his Will. To reject his Will (waves) is to accelerate your orbit around the negative circle. The same can be said for thinking negative thoughts in general. An endless circle never leaving, never loving. Some call it Hell.

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