Faith: The Universal Floating Variable
Faith: Definition in Spiritual Context: An institution to express belief in a divine power (God) or complete confidence in his plan. A strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny.

Prelim: You cannot enter the Circle of Gods Grace without Faith.

The first seed of faith is given to you freely when you acknowledge his existence. With this seed you step onto a path. A path or journey to understand God. The path of higher consciousness. The path resides on the positive side of the Universe. Each step on this path is governed by Righteousness or Right Thinking.

Take note: The Seed of Faith can only grow by Walking the Path. Each step delivers fulfillment and growth. With each step your eyes open wider. The Truth will expose its self. Truth is the water of Faith. No one explained this better than Yesuha (Jesus). "The path is narrow" For those of you that are not familiar with the teachings of Yesuha, this may be your first door to knock on. A step of magnitude.

Our Existence:

Ever notice this? Some days you believe your faith to be strong and other days you're ready to burn the bible and spit in everyone's eye. There is an easy explanation for this. You exist in the negative circle. (Read the In-Depth meaning of the Be Still Symbol for a better understating) By default your thoughts are negative. Our faith dwindles (drawn away from the path) with each negative force we perceive. Usually delivered by distractions. It's like energy being sucked out of a battery. The battery being your sub conscious (where the Path resides). Note that the word perceive is used. You have the choice to perceive anything as you please. Is the glass half full + or half empty -? The answer is only a perception of the individual being asked. Believe it or not, perception is governed by your spiritual conditioning and how much faith you have. The entire universe is split in two, positive (good) and negative (evil). Without consciously understating this you have no way of escaping the pull of the negative forces. All glasses are half empty.

Your free will gives you the choice to escape the negative reality of your existence by connecting to God or getting your perception from the positive forces. It's been said many times on this site. Free Will is the choice to connect to God or not. Meaning to live in the positive side of the universe or remain in the negative side or circle where we were placed when the fall of man occurred. Your perceptions come from this choice. All other 3 dimensional choices are just aftermath.

The results of every choice, decision, and action you take will be proportional to where you were (+ or -) when confronted. Some call this the Universal Law of Polarity. They are correct. This law is woven into the Unified Field or Gods Consciousness.

Read this carefully. When confronted with a choice to do something that could be pondered as "good" or "evil", your decision is not an expression of free will. The choice is static. Cause and Effect. Depending on the side of the universe your occupying (cause) the choice (effect) will always be the direct result of what is to be. Occupying the negative side produces negative perceptions, intern negative choices and effects. . Occupying the positive side is to always do and demonstrate the positive forces of the universe. So, once again the only true fee will that exist is the choice of where you stand in the universe. With God or not. All choices made from here will be the effect of the cause you've chosen.

Depending on what side of the universe you are on (+ or -) as your life plays out, is how you will perceive events. Your choices manifest either good or evil. The demonstration or effects of your choices are the fruits of your life. True free will dictates it all.

The only way to live on the positive side of the universe is to have Faith in God. To believe in him. To get the directions while walking the path you must Be Still

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